manufacturing    process














a process Name

a sign



laminate plate

Warehousing of Copper-plated laminate plate


Cutting warehoused Copper-plated laminate plate

easy to print

Minute surface grinding

Washing and grinding for eliminating dust occurred at cutting and circuit printing.

PATTERN printing

Reproduction of customer's circuit drawing onto copper-plated laminate plate


Removing unnecessary copper plate other than

formed circuit


Removing applied ink to form circuit

Manufacturing process circuit test

Testing Open short generated during pattern printing

Minute surface grinding

Removing chemical stuck to surface during corrosion and exfoliation and Washing and grinding for SOLDER printing

SOLDER printing

Applying insulating ink to parts where soldering is not needed

SILK printing

Parts No, Parts sign for printing


Making Hole used as datum at Press work

Press Punching

Making hole used for inserting parts


Forming V-shaped groove of arranged products

easy to cut to service condition  


Removing dust stuck to product surface and inside the

hole and Coating FLUX for preventing copper plate from oxidization


BARE BOARD Test (Open, Short Auto test)

Final total sorting

Test of whole product to sort as superior and inferior goods

Finished product test

Test to LOT passing final test to decide whether as

good or bad  


Packing products in the way to prevent transformation during delivery


Delivery of goods to designated place within the appointed date demanded by customers